We provide tailor-made solutions; designed, produced and delivered based on individual requirements.

Our well-functioning organization ensures our customers the best of quality. We are highly skilled engineers that aim to be a professional and reliable partner by delivering excellent quality at a very competitive price.


Our speciality is our detailed know-how about Pipe and BOP handling Equipment. We have more than 25 years of experience from offshore product engineering at Aker Solutions. We design, produce and deliver according to our customers requirements.

Our goal

Our goal is to design cost-effective equipment according to very high quality. Based on thorough knowledge and expertise in the field of mechanical and structural engineering, we have the opportunity to produce reliable equipment in order to help our clients to cut down manufacturing expenses and to reduce prime cost of the final product.

Our task

Due to the pioneering work of our specialists, we use innovative technologies that together allows us to produce even complex equipment with a guarantee of its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, productivity and reliability according to individual requirement.

Our mission

In our engineering we focus on superior customer service, low operating costs, competitiveness, honesty and integrity in order to keep up our high standards. Using our leverage and expertise, we aim to deliver a unique supply chain that ensures value for our customers.

We are known for long-term design vision combined with short-term delivery priorities.

Jens Mørk

General Manager

+47 913 66 440


Trygve Aamlid

Project Manager

+47 907 57 632


Jens Helge Loland

Sales Manager

+47 906 67 012



  • +47 913 66 440

  • jens.mork@steel-master.no

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